A Decentralized Exchange

Algodex is a highly decentralized exchange with the order book completely on the Algorand blockchain itself.


Make market and limit orders

Algodex supports limit orders so you can rest assured your trade will only occur at the price you set.

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Trade all Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs)

All assets on the Algorand blockchain are supported in Algodex by default. If it exists, you can trade it. Yes - even NFTs.

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NFT Trading

Purchase and trade Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) directly within Algodex. View and place bids on NFTs even if they’re not currently listed for sale anywhere.

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Staking Rewards

Coming Soon - Every token will have staking pools with the option to stake for ALGX, ALGO, and/or the staked token. Stay tuned for more information.

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  • February

    Algodex Mainnet Launch

  • March

    Algodex Token (ALGX) Public Sale A

    Launch of Algodex Mailbox Application

  • Q2

    Launch of trading SDK for Algodex

    Launch of Algodex as a downloadable desktop application

    Algodex Token (ALGX) token generation event

  • Q3

    Algodex rewards and fee system

    Launch of trading bot for Algodex

  • Q4

    Launch of Algodex NFT marketplace



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Setting up your Algodex Trading Bot

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Permissionless Token Listings on Algodex

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Algodex Rewards Launches

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By Adam Ulisnyak What rewards can I receive and how? Users will be able to receive ALGX tokens as a reward for providing liquidity on Algodex Mainnet. Please read our …

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Question & Answer Session with SafeLaunch, Featuring Algodex Founder, Alex Trefonas

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Algodex is a decentralized marketplace for Algorand Standard Assets. Algodex uses a speedy and elegant order book model for transactions, a first of its kind in the Algorand space. This allows for a higher degree of sophistication and control of trading your assets. Algodex’s feature packed platform brings a whole new kind of trading to the Algorand ecosystem.
Algodex uses Algorand smart contracts to create an order book mechanism for Algorand Standard Assets (ASA) that allows users to transact any ASA at a price the user chooses. Users can add or fulfill orders from the order book using Algodex’s online interface. Learn more about Algodex and how it works by reading our whitepaper.
All Algorand Standard Assets can be listed on Algodex, except for scam tokens that are proven fraudulent or illegal. These measures are in place to protect users from known scams while maintaining decentralization.
Newly created Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) will be available for immediate trading on Algodex. You can add liquidity to your ASA on Algodex by searching for it by the asset ID and placing a buy or sell order.
Please fill out this form to apply to be listed on the Algodex exchange for North American trading. This form is only required for tokens that want to be listed and tradeable in North America, as the rest of the world can currently trade ASAs without restrictions.
You can follow Algodex on the following social media websites:

Stay up to date with info on Algodex updates, new features, and releases by joining our mailing list.

Decentralized marketplace on Algorand


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